Butta la Pasta


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A pasta-lover’s tasty treasure! Mix and match your next meal with all the ingredients for tagliatelle with Bolognese sauce, rigatoni alla Norma, penne with pesto, and classic spaghetti al pomodoro — plus olive oil and coarse sea salt for cooking!

This box contains the following:

  • 1x Nocellara Belice Extra Virgin Olive Oil 25.4oz
  • 1x Sicilian Coarse Salt 2.2lb
  • 1x Ragu' Bolognese Meat Sauce 7.05oz
  • 1x Egg Tagliatelle 8.8oz
  • 1x Ziti Corti Rigati Pasta 17.6oz
  • 1x Alla Norma Sauce 10.23oz
  • 1x Basil Pesto 6.3oz
  • 1x Penne Pasta 17.6oz
  • 1x Yellow Datterino in Juice 12oz
  • 1x Benedetto Cavalieri Spaghettoni 17.5oz
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