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Eatalian Pantry

Eatalian Pantry


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For the most flavorful, delicious dishes, Eataly chefs cook in season. From refreshing lemon soda to sun-warmed San Marzano tomatoes, our selection features high-quality products made with fresh Italian ingredients immediately after harvest — the perfect base for your pantry.

Niasca Portofino - Tomato & Vegetable Sauce 10.62oz
Niasca Portofino - Sparkling Lemonade 8.45fl oz
Niasca Portofino - Ligurian Pesto 2.82oz
Afeltra - Ziti Corti Rigati 17.6oz
Afeltra - Calamari 17.6oz
Afeltra - Peeled San Marzano Tomatoes 14.1oz
Lurisia - Gazzosa 9.3fl oz
Niasca Portofino - Nazionale Extra Virgin Olive Oil 16.9oz
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Producer Eataly