MiyazakiGyu Tenderloin, Two Steaks, 8 oz each

MiyazakiGyu Tenderloin, Two Steaks, 8 oz each

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Wagyu literally translates to "Japanese Cow". The breed is highly sought after due to its consistent marbling and rich texture. To protect the authenticity of Japanese Wagyu Beef, lineage is thoroughly tracked and recorded from the time of birth. All Japanese Wagyu Beef are provided with individually unique ID numbers. This allows anyone to trace the cattle's history. Details about the cattle such as its date of birth, gender, lineage, or breed may be verified on the Japanese National Livestock Breeding Center Website.

This bundle features authentic A5 Graded Steak Cuts. Grading is based on two, very specific factors: Yield and Grade. Yield means the ratio of meat compared to the actual carcass weight. Grade meaning the overall Beef Marbling Score (BMS), Beef Color Standard (BCS) , Beef Fat Standard (BFS) , Firmness & Texture. In order to qualify as A5 Japanese Wagyu, beef must be graded as Grade A for yield and Grade 5 in BMS, BFS, BCS, firmness, and texture.

Miyazakigyu is Wagyu that must be raised and processed in Miyazaki Prefecture. It must also be graded A4 BMS 7 and above to meet the Miyazakigyu qualifications. Famous for its consistent marbling and buttery texture, Miyazakigyu has won successive 1st Place awards in the 9th and 10th Japanese National Competitive Exhibition of Wagyu.

This Tenderloin is carefully hand-cut from the Tenderloin according to Japanese specifications; it weighs approximately 8 oz.

This bundle contains: MiyazakiGyu Wagyu Tenderloin, Two Steaks, 8 oz each.
Cooking directions: For tips on a classic Italian grilling, visit our chef's Guide to Grilling!

The Wagyu Shop™ was started in 2007 as a purveyor of Japanese Wagyu for top restaurants across the United States, and has since expanded into the premier source of Wagyu for restaurants and consumers alike, offering the widest selection of Japanese Wagyu in the country.

A Certificate of Authenticity is included with every order.

Sku KWAG0004
Producer The Wagyu Shop™
Net Weight 1 lb
Meat Type Tenderloin