Amarena Cherry Colomba 26.4 oz

Amarena Cherry Colomba 26.4 oz

Brera Milano

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The Amarena Cherry Colomba by Brera Milano is a sweet, dove-shaped loaf made with the highest quality ingredients: mother yeast for fluffiness, fresh eggs for an intense yellow color, local sugar for sweetness, and Northern European butter for a luscious texture.

A playful twist on the classic, this Amarena Cherry Colomba is studded with Amarena Cherries from Fabbri, combining the expertise of both Fabbri and Brera Milano into one sweet Easter cake.

Excellent on its own, Colomba pairs well with fresh berries, dark chocolate, and sweet spreads. Enjoy the festive Easter cake with a glass of Prosecco or dessert wine.

Despite its name, Brera Milano 1930 was founded in 1905, when Angelo Grioni opened up a confectionery in the heart of Milano. When his son came to join the family business in the 1930s, the confectionery began focusing more on the classic panettone, the holiday cakes first created in the city.

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