Coupole 0.5 lb

Coupole 0.5 lb

Vermont Creamery

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Coupole is a handcrafted aged goat cheese with the perfect balance between the delicate, fresh, and soft taste of its interior and the intense, ripened flavor of the rind. It is made using pasteurized goats' milk, cultures, salt, and enzymes. The flavor is unique, creamy, and intense. Enjoy this cheese on your cheese board accompanied by pistachio, nuts, and your favorite Salumi.
RECENT AWARDS: 2019 Sofi Award Gold, 2020 World Championship Cheese Contest, 2nd Place, 2019 U.S. Championship Cheese Contest 3rd Place, 2018 American Cheese Society, 2018 American Cheese Society 3rd Place
Based in the small town of Websterville in Northern Vermont, Vermont Creamery was founded by Allison Hooper and Bob Reese who have been making outstanding high-quality goat cheeses since 1984. Their goats are fed with grass and live in pasture, and their cheese is recognized as one of the best goat cheeses in the United States.

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