Roma Assorted Puff Pastry & Shortbreads Tin 32oz

Roma Assorted Puff Pastry & Shortbreads Tin 32oz


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The Roma Assorted Puff Pastry & Shortbreads Tin from Matilde Vicenzi has many delicious puff pastries and shortbreads made using only the finest natural ingredients. The tin contains an assortment of Shortbread Cookies with Chocolate Chips, Puff Pastries filled with Chocolate, Chocolate-Decorated Fine Pastries, Puff Pastries filled with Milk Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cookies with Pastry Cream Filling, Puff Pastries with Butter, and Cookies with Cocoa Cream Filling.

Enjoy the assorted puff pastries and shortbreads with tea or coffee.

Since 1905 Matilde Vicenzi has produced excellent Amaretti, Cantucci, and Cream-filled cookies in San Giovanni Lupatoto, near Verona, in the region of Veneto. Still today Matilde Vincenzi is a family-run business that brings the excellence of fine Italian pastries all over the world.

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