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Pistachio Cream Colomba 32 oz

Pistachio Cream Colomba 32 oz


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In 1932, Elena and Giovanni Fraccaro opened the Fraccaro Spumadoro bakery within the medieval walls of Castelfranco, laying the foundation of a baking tradition which was destined to become famous. Their values of simplicity, authenticity, and community are the key ingredients to this success.

A twist on the classic, this dove-shaped pistachio colomba is made with house-roasted nuts blended into a sweet cream, in addition to the Easter treat's signature slow-rising yeast, which gives the cake its rich flavors and fluffy bite.

Excellent on its own, colomba pairs well with fresh berries, preserves, and sweet spreads. Enjoy the festive cake with a glass of Prosecco or dessert wine.
Sku 1118893
Producer Fraccaro
Produced in Italy
State/Province Veneto