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Crema e Gusto Coffee 8.8 oz

Crema e Gusto Coffee 8.8 oz


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Boasting more than 120 years of history, Lavazza was created by the tenacious and intuitive Luigi Lavazza. In 1895, he acquired a small grocery store in the heart of old Torino. Run by the fourth-generation descendants today, Lavazza is the symbol of Italian espresso worldwide.

A smooth blend of Brazilian Arabica and African and Indonesian Robusta coffees, Crema e Gusto is a dark-roasted ground coffee. The blend, ideal for espresso preparations, can be used in all types of coffee makers for a perfect combination between an intense and well-balanced aroma and full body.

Enjoy in the morning with breakfast or as an afternoon pick-me-up.
Sku 501813
Producer Lavazza
Produced in Italy
State/Province Piemonte
Size 8.8 oz