Riserva Nando Balsamic Condiment 3.3 oz

Riserva Nando Balsamic Condiment 3.3 oz


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What is the secret of the Cavalli's Balsamic Vinegar Condiment? Simple: the exclusive use of cooked grape must, fermented, turned to vinegar, and left to age in oak, mulberry, juniper, chestnut, and cherry wood casks.

Use this antique Emilia tradition every day to enrich every dish with the unmistakable balsamic vinegar touch.

With considerable experience as a winemaker since 1920, Ferdinando Cavalli decided to amaze friends and clients with an initial production of vinegar using his quality grape musts that are the heart and soul of his wines. Original Emilia-Romagna ingredients and lots of passion are fundamental to the essence of Cavalli vinegar, today known throughout the world. The company continues in its meticulous research to better understand this condiment that represents Italian tradition around the globe.

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