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Cappelli Fusillotti 17.6oz

Cappelli Fusillotti 17.6oz

Monograno Felicetti

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For more than 100 years, at the foot of the Dolomite Mountains in northern Trentino, Monograno Felicetti has been producing its high-quality pasta. The mountain air and water of the surrounding Val di Fiemme are Monograno’s most important ingredients, but they don’t stop there. Their semolina and whole-wheat flour is 100% organic selected in collaboration with their own sustainable producers.

This larger version of the classic fusilli is made with Cappelli, a variety of grain that has a rich, almost sweet flavor. 

The grooves in the corkscrew-shaped pasta pick up a variety of sauces.

Sku 1112498
Producer Monograno Felicetti
State/Province Trentino-Alto Adige