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Caciotta di Capra Foglie di Noce Whole Piece 6 lb

Caciotta di Capra Foglie di Noce Whole Piece 6 lb


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This whole wheel of Caciotta di Capra Foglie di Noce is a goat’s milk cheese wrapped with aromatic walnut leaves, following an ancient tradition. This ancient method originally served to protect the cheese during long journeys and during its aging period, thanks to the tannic properties of walnut leaves that prevent the rind from developing mold. The result is a cheese that has a slightly aromatic hint of walnuts. The whole wheel makes a beautiful presentation on any antipasto board – simply slice to enjoy, or add to a main course like into risotto.

Founded in 1898 in Bagnolo di San Pietro di Feletto in Northeastern Italy, Perenzin treats each cheese with great care, and has become a pioneer in the production of organic goat’s milk cheese.

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Sku 30957-A
Producer Perenzin