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Seaside Lunch

Seaside Lunch


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Dreaming of a seaside escape? Take your tastebudes on a tasting tour of Italia's coastal flavors with this curated kit. Start with squid ink linguine paired with seaside-inspired sauces of bright cherry tomatoes, tuna fillets, and fruity extra virgin olive oil, or pair orecchiette maritate (a playful mix of Southern Italian pasta shapes) with spicy anchovies and capers. Keep savoring regional traditions with Sardegna's typical guttiatu crackers, or use the hearty fregola in your next pasta salad.

Bundle includes: Hot Calabrese Peppers 9.2 oz, Benedetto Cavalieri Orecchiette Maritate 1.1 lb, Recca Anchovies In Olive Oil 7 oz, Busiate Pasta with Black Squid Ink 17.6oz. Pane Guttiatu Crispbread 3.5 oz, Antica Bronte Pistachio Tocchetti 7.05 oz, Pesto Tarallini Crackers 8.1oz, Tuna Fillet in Olive Oil, ROI Sun Dried Tomatoes 2.8 oz, Agromonte Cherry Tomato Arrabbiata Sauce 20 oz, Morelli Linguine with Saffron 8.82 oz, Amarelli Black Licorice in Red Tin 1.4 oz.

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