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Bottarga di Muggine Large

Bottarga di Muggine Large

Dell' Isola

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Bottarga Dell'Isola is owner Marc Slakmon's passion project, who learned to make bottarga from his Tunisian grandmothers and since has made it every year in his kitchen in small batches for his family and friends.

Bottarga, or pressed and salted fish roe, is an all-natural, umami-rich delicacy. It can be freshly grated on pastas or on other seafood (like scallops) to enrich flavor. Try it sliced whole in fresh salads, with grilled vegetables, on toast, or on its own with olive oil.

Nota bene: each bottarga comes wrapped in protective natural wax and the color may not appear as shown. However, your cured bottarga is safely protected inside this casing. Before enjoying, peel back the wax on the part you plan to eat and grate or slice the inner bottarga to your enjoyment. Wrap well and store in the fridge once opened.

Sku 1109031-L
Producer Dell' Isola
Produced in Italy