Green Basil Pesto 4.5 oz

Green Basil Pesto 4.5 oz

Mariangela Prunotto

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Mariangela Prunotto is a family farm in the heart of the gastronomic landscape of Le Langhe, Piemonte. Founded by Mariangela and run by her son Roberto, all the produce they grow is 100% organic. No additives are included in any of their sauces, and their production facilities in Alba are equipped with solar panels to generate 100% sustainable energy.

Pesto gets its name from pestare, or "to grind." This Pesto is made with prized Basil grown in Piedmont and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Spread over bruschetta for a seaside snack, or pair with pasta for the classic dish.

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Producer Mariangela Prunotto