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Extra Virgin Olive Oil de' Coppini 16.9oz

Extra Virgin Olive Oil de' Coppini 16.9oz

Coppini Arte Olearia

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Located in the food-rich valley of Parma, Coppini was created by Americo Coppini and his wife Anita Orsi, who, after World War II, decided to revive the practice of making traditional extra virgin olive oil. Today, the family-run company is celebrated for producing high-quality olive oil using a combination of new technologies and ancient tradition. 

de' Coppini is a fragrant olive oil made with Biancolilla and Nocellara olive cultivars. The elegant olive oil boasts bold flavors that give way to a pleasant, lingering finish.

Drizzle over bruschetta, grilled fish, caprese, and more. 
Sku 500522
Producer Coppini Arte Olearia
State/Province Emilia-Romagna