AMARONE CAMP: A Private Dinner with the Winemaker


October 5, 2023
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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Welcome to Vino Camp! This year, dive deep into our monthly featured wines with a series of curated events that will have you feeling like a wine connoisseur in no time. This month's feature: Amarone!

In this private session, enjoy an intimate dinner inside Eataly’s wine bar and kitchen, Vino &..., where you will sit alongside Federico Delvai to taste the top selections and highest quality wines from Bertani. This elevated dining experience is an exclusive opportunity to discuss and learn directly from the producer while enjoying a multi-course, chef-curated meal traditionally paired with these esteemed wines.

In this wine dinner, you will:

  • Enjoy a four-course dinner featuring cuisine from Veneto at a Chef's table in Vino &
  • Pair each course with wines from Bertani, including one wine with dessert 
  • Meet Federico Delvai, Wine Producer from Bertani
  • Take home tasting notes for the wines featured at this dinner

Featured Menu:


Baccala Crostini - Whipped Salt Cod, Olive Oil, Rustic Bread


Risotto alla Trevigiana - Carnaroli Rice, Radicchio, Parmesan Reggiano


Brasato all Amarone con Polenta - Braised Short Rib, Amarone Wine, Polenta 


Torta Sabbiosa con mandorle e crema pasticcera


For more than a century and a half, Bertani has made wines that are recognizable for their identity, wines with a clear and therefore unmistakable, stylistic profile. Bertani has always chosen the path of territorial wines, even when it is method guiding them. A path that at times is more difficult, but that builds solid relationships. It has never been enough to please our customers. Bertani has always wanted to make them happy.

Our values are solid and strong. They are the foundation for a history over 150 years old. Respect for our own territory, stylistic coherence that has never flirted with easy production options – the patience required to produce an iconic wine like Amarone Classico della Valpolicella.

Perpetuating a style has never sufficed. We have always felt the need to keep discussion alive. Being faithful to a mission means respecting what has been done and at the same time, rethinking it every day in order to assure quality worthy of our potential and reputation.


Hailing from the northeast region of Veneto, Amarone is produced in the rolling hillsides of Valpolicella. Unlike other wines, Amarone undergoes a unique process prior to fermentation called appassimento where grapes are allowed to dry for around 120 days after they are harvested. After the grapes have dried, they are crushed and fermented at low temperatures for one to two months. After fermentation, Amarone is aged for up to seven years in oak barrels. The partially dried grapes concentrate the juices and increase skin contact, giving it its rich, complex flavor, intense red color, and higher alcohol content. No other wine is produced this way, making Amarone truly unique. On the nose, Amarone boasts notes of plum, cherry, tea leaves, licorice, and spices.

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