All You Need is Pasta (And Sauce)

All You Need is Pasta (And Sauce)


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The secret to achieving the perfect Italian (and Eatalian) pantry? High-quality pasta and sauces! The All You Need is Pasta (And Sauces) will give you the tools to create quick and delicious weeknight meals inspired by the rich culinary tradition of Italy. Whether you want to enjoy our pesto straight from the Ligurian coast or opt for a more elaborate and flavorful penne with ricotta sauce, this bundle will not disappoint! 

This collection includes: Calamari Pasta (17.6 oz), Trofiette Pasta (17.6 oz), Organic Vesuvio (17.6oz), Spaghettini (17.6 oz), Ricotta Tomato Sauce (9 oz), Pesto Without Garlic (6.35oz), Ricotta Tomato Sauce (9 oz), and Sicilia Monti Iblei DOP Primo Extra Virgin Olive Oil (16.9 oz).

Sku K2022342
Producer Eataly
  • 1 x 100% Italian Grain Calamari 17.6 oz - Afeltra
  • 1 x Cherry Tomatoes 14.1 oz - Afeltra
  • 1 x Sicilia Monti Iblei DOP Primo Extra Virgin Olive Oil 16.9 oz - Frantoi Cutrera
  • 1 x Pesto Without Garlic 6.35 Oz - Ranise
  • 1 x Trofiette Pasta 17.6 oz - Alta Valle Scrivia
  • 1 x Organic Vesuvio 17.6 oz - Afeltra