Organic Royal Quinoa 14.1 oz

Organic Royal Quinoa 14.1 oz

Alce Nero

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The Organic Royal Quinoa from Alce Nero is the most prized variety of Quinoa available today. This Quinoa is cultivated in Salar de Uyuni by Bolivian farmers using methods similar to those of the Incas, and it is organic and naturally gluten-free. By overseeing the entire supply chain, Alce Nero guarantees that only the highest-quality grains make it to your table.

Enjoy it alone or in a variety of preparations, such as salads, or soups.

Alce Nero is an Italian food company that strives to enhance the quality, identity, and uniqueness of its products, always doing so in an innovative, dynamic and efficient way.

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Producer Alce Nero