'Speciale' White Condiment 3.4 oz

'Speciale' White Condiment 3.4 oz


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The 'Speciale' White Condiment from Aceto Modena is produced near Modena, in the region of Emilia Romagna. This product is made with high quality white cooked grape must and white wine vinegar. It is aged for few years in the prestigious Aceto Modena's barrels.

Density: Medium.
Flavor: Incredible aroma with floral notes and sweet soft acidity on the palate.
Pairing: It is excellent for vinaigrettes and sauces in accompaniment to raw and cooked vegetables, white meats and fish.
Pairings: ideal to make vinaigrettes and sauces with vegetables, white meats and fish.

Amid the mists of the fascinating Modena countryside, icy in the winter months and very hot in the summer months, you will find the Società Agricola Aceto Modena - the Modena Vinegar Agricultural Company. The company has been producing the exquisite Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP for years, the truly excellent balsamic vinegar that most characterizes the traditions of the Emilia region of Italy. Hard work and dedication has led to the passing on of the traditional recipe for a condiment loved and appreciated worldwide.

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