A Trip to Sicilia

A Trip to Sicilia


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Still dreaming of a summer trip to Italy? Go on a taste-driven tour from the comfort of your own home with A Trip to Sicilia, curated with Sicilian specialties.

The southernmost region in Italy, the island continues to entice travelers from near and far with its legacy rich in ancient ruins, unique dialects, and distinctive food and drink that earned the island the nickname "God's Kitchen."

From typical pasta shapes to cherry tomatoes, capers and anchovies from the region, and fruity extra virgin olive oil made with regional cultivars, this bundle is overflowing with everything you need for an authentic Sicilian-inspired evening. One bite, and you'll feel like you're dining on the sun-soaked Sicilian coast.

Sku K2023033
Producer Eataly
  • 1 x 100% Italian Grain Penne Rigate 17.6 oz - Afeltra
  • 1 x Orange Jam 8.1 oz - Scyavuru
  • 1 x Organic Sicilia IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil 16.9 oz - Premiati Oleifici Barbera
  • 1 x Pistachio Pesto Sauce 6.3 oz - Scyavuru
  • 1 x Travel-themed Gift Box 2021 L - Eataly
  • 1 x Caserecce 35.3 oz - Afeltra
  • 1 x Anchovies in Olive Oil - Tin 2 oz - Agostino Recca
  • 1 x Datterini & Cherry Tomato Sauce 12 oz - Alicos
  • 1 x Capers in Salt 2.2 oz - Agostino Recca
  • 1 x Pistachio Tocchetti 7.05 oz - Antica Bronte Dolceria
  • 1 x Bruschetta Sauce with Sun-Dried Tomatoes 6 oz - Alicos