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A Trip to Portofino

A Trip to Portofino


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Still dreaming of a summer trip to Italy? Go on a taste-driven tour from the comfort of your own home with A Trip to Portofino, curated with Tuscan specialties. Perched along the Italian Riviera, Portofino is an impossibly charming fishing village beloved for its colorful houses, seaside views, and fresh food and drink. The local cuisine is based on light and readily-available ingredients, from extra virgin olive oil to basil to pine nuts. Enjoy a typical Ligurian meal with a Pasta al Pesto, and satisfy your sweets cravings with delicious Pandolcina. 

This bundle includes: Alta Valle Scrivia Trofiette 17.6 oz, Alta Valle Scrivia Corzetti Pasta 17.6 oz, Italpesto Basil Genovese Pesto 6.35 oz, Roi Tomato Pesto 6.3 oz, Ranise Ligurian Pesto 4.59 oz, Roi Carte Noire 'Riviera dei Fiori' Riviera Ligure DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil 8.8 oz, Roi Sun-Dried Tomatoes Cream 3.2 oz, Grondona Cuori Mori 3.5 oz, Niasca Portofino Orange Marmalade 7.1 oz.

Sku K2023031
Producer Eataly
Produced in Italy