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A Trip to Firenze

A Trip to Firenze


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Still dreaming of a summer trip to Italy? Go on a taste-driven tour from the comfort of your own home with A Trip to Firenze, curated with Tuscan specialties. Firenze’s ancient skyline rises from the banks of the Arno in hazy harmony with the distant Apennine mountains, and boasts a culinary tradition as rich as its history. Try the traditional pici pasta – an ancient long, irregular pasta that some trace back to the Etruscans – paired with grassy extra virgin olive oil, or take a pausa caffè (coffee break) with crunchy cantucci studded with almonds. Just one taste and you'll feel like you're dining in the Piazza della Repubblica.

This bundle includes: Pastificio Morelli Chili Linguine, Pastificio Morelli Saffron Linguine 8.82 oz, Lidia's Tuscan Arrabbiata Sauce 25 oz, Frantoi Franci Fiore Frantoio Extra Virgin Olive Oil 25.4 oz, Marabissi Amarena Cherry and Peperoncino Panforte 3.5 oz, Fabbrica del Panforte Almond Cantucci 8.81 oz, Antonio Mattei Biscotti di Prato Cookies 4.4 oz, La Via del Te Bianca Fiorito Green Tea 25 Bags.
Sku K2023034
Producer Eataly
Produced in Italy