SUMMER THE ITALIAN WAY – This Memorial Day, grill (and chill) like an Italian with the best food and drink from Italy. Get your grill on.

A Day like an Italian

Cappuccino and croissants, alleyways and Vespas, drinks and piazzas — who doesn’t want to spend a day like an Italian? Step into Italy with our guide, which revolves around the most important moments in any Italian's day: meals! From breakfast to dinner, we have everything you need to live like an Italian. (Well, except the Vespa.)


Give your mornings a whir of Italian flair with our new kitchen appliances by SMEG. Retro 50s design and modern technology blend in vibrant toasters, elegant kettles, cutting-edge blenders, and trade-marked juicers.


Get inspired by Italy’s pausa pranzo, lengthy lunches on the daily, with our favorite foods! Whether you’re eating at your home or desk, create your own relaxing Italian lunch break, then return to your day invigorated.


Bring the ritual of aperitivo – think happy hour 2.0 — to your evenings. From sparkling cocktail mixers to tasty snacks, our selection of aperitivo staples will help you unwind from the day and stoke your appetite for dinner.


Sit down to the long and luxurious experience of an Italian dinner. From antipasti to dolci, our complete dinner offerings will guide you from course after delicious course together with your friends and family around the table.