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Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Eataly offers nearly 100 varieties of extra virgin olive oil from producers that exclusively harvest in Italy. We have the largest selection of boutique, single-estate olive oils, and many olives are handpicked. Visit our olive oil section today to sample oils with our resident olive oil experts. 


In 1900, Giuseppe Boeri rented a communal olive oil mill (frantoio) in the hills of Badalucco, in the region of Liguria. Over 100 years later, led by Franco (Giuseppe’s great grandson) the Boeri family still uses a traditional stone press to produce their superb sustainable, certified organic (since 2002) oil using choice local taggiasca olives under the fitting name “roi”, “king” in Italian.


La Mozza

Eataly partners Joe and Lidia Bastianich teamed up with Mario Batali to produce this robust extra virgin olive oil from Maremma in southern Tuscany. They chose legendary olive oil producer, Maurizio Castelli, to head up their operation, and the result is a balanced and versatile oil that’s buttery and velvety with a soft and peppery finish. Drizzle to finish pizza, pasta, steaks and soups or simply use to dress salads and to dunk Eataly bread!


Oleria San Giorgio

The art of olive oil making has ancient origins and to this day some antique mills still exist. One of those mills is Olearia San Giorgio in Calabria where they’ve been cultivating olives since 1940. Their extra virgin olive oil is cold extracted to preserve the essense of each olive.


Frantoi Cutrera

Frantoi Cutrera is a 5-hectar estate in Chiaramontre Gulfi, in the Iblei mountains of Sicily. Founded by Giovanni Cutrera and his wife, Maria, it is still a family affair now run by their children, Maria, Giuseppina, Salvatore and their spouses, Giovanni, Giacomo and Angela.


De Carlo

The De Carlo family has been producing monocultivar olive oils (made with a single olive variety) in the southern region of Puglia since the 1600s. Ogliarola Barese and Coratina are the local varietals they expertly press and though the world has changed a lot in the last four centuries, their world-class olive oil is still exceptional.


San Giuliano

The Manca family of Alghero, Sardegna harvests their best olives and then cold presses them in traditional stone mills. The cold pressing process allows the olives to express their true characteristics in each bottle of Olive Oil. Look out for hints of almond and vanilla as well as slightly acidic and spicy tones.