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Every day, Eataly makes fresh mozzarella by hand right in front of our guests. Discover how to make the real fior di latte inspired by Caseificio Olanda in Puglia!

Make the Curd with Local Milk
Eataly’s fresh curd is made every day with whole milk from local dairies. Our resident mozzarella makers start their days at 10 a.m. in La Piazza to begin production for our restaurants and our guests.

Separate the Curd, & Add Hot Water

The fresh curd is pushed through a chitarra, a guitar-shaped instrument, to separate the solids. Very hot, salted water is added, bringing the cheese to a warmer temperature.

Stretch, Shape, & Serve!

The mixture is stirred and stretched by hand to ensure that it has melted evenly and no bits of curd are left in the cheese. It is then broken off into pieces and delivered to the restaurants, which incorporate it into various dishes. The remainder of the fresh mozzarella is displayed inches from where it’s made.