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Eataly’s Wine Shop is located on 23rd Street and boasts over 1000 wines from exclusively Italian producers. We also offer delivery and a Monthly Wine Club that will deliver handpicked bottles to your door. Follow us on twitter and join our newsletter to get updates on weekly tastings. Contact us at 646.398.5102 or

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Bastianich, Wine, Joe Bastianich, Master Chef


After conquering the restaurant world Joe Bastianich returned to his roots in Northeast Italy. He and his team have worked to bring a focus to the Friuli region creating wines that use indigenous grape varietals. Over the past fifteen years the resulting wines have garnered the respect of wine enthusiasts around the world.

La Mozza

All aware of the enormous potential of the Maremma region of southwest Tuscany, Joe and Lidia Bastianich and Chef Mario Batali came together to create a new winery with a modern mission: to express this terroir to the fullest with new and exciting grape varieties.


Fontanafredda lies at the heart of the Langhe in Piedmont, a world of hills dating back to ancient times that has always been a prime growing area for great red wines. Their vineyards are located on gently contoured hillsides with rounded crests.


The name Borgogno is connected to one of the oldest wine cellars in Piedmont, it was born in 1761 with Bartolomeo Bogogno and has been crafting traditional wines for generations. We at Eataly are proud to offer many back vintages of their Barolos in addition to their other Piedmontese specialities.


In the heart of La Morra in Piedmont, Agricola Brandini consists of certified biological Barolo vineyards. Since the 2008 harvest, the enologist (Beppe) no longer uses selected yeasts and extractive enzymes, launching the company’s organic certification process.

Serafini & Vidotto

The story of Serafini & Vidotto located in the Veneto region in Nervesa della Battaglia, the heart of Gioiosa Marca Trevigiana, is a story of passion and respect. Passion for the land and for the DOC sparkling, red and white wines made by two friends and respect for the territory and its rich traditions.

Le Vigne di Zamo

The vineyards of Le Vigne di Zamo lie across some of Friuli's most prestigious subregions: Rossazzo, Rocca Bernarda and Buttrio. Starting in 1924 with just an osteria the Zamo family always had a passion for wine. Acquiring land throughout the years they have a continued respect for the local grape varieties of the region and the care that goes into making their award winning wines.

Cantine del Castello di Santa Vittoria

Perched above the river Tanaro overlooking the hills of Barolo Castello di Santa Vittoria lies in the Roero. This area is known for it’s floral and aromatic wines, particularly Nebbiolo and Arneis. The sandy soils give wines a youthful perfumed nose while retaining the structure that enables them to evolve for decades.


Mirafiore is steeped in history. The estate was originally built in 1858 by King Victor Emanuel II, Italy’s first King. The winery was established in 1878 by his son and became internationally renown only to disappear in the beginning of the twentieth century. Recently, Fontantafredda has helped re-establish Mirafiore both as a classic winemaking label and as a pioneer in eco- friendly production and packaging.

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