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Roi's "Mosto" Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a buttery, slightly sweet oil perfectly suited for pesto, or as a finishing oil for seafood, vegetables, pasta and risotto.

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Region and Cultivar:
Olive cultivation is an important part of the agricultural heritage of the western Ligurian (also known as the italian riviera) coast. The spread and systemization of cultivation methods date back to the presence of the Benedictine order in Taggia. The monks created the Taggiasca cultivar by crossing cuttings from central Italy. Taking its name from the town where it originated, over the years the Taggiasca olive variety has become a symbol of the western Ligurian coast and its farming culture. The regions typical narrow terraces, mild climate and the Taggiascan cultivar present only in this area provide the high quality and sweet taste that characterize the extra virgin Taggiasco Oil, known and appreciated throughout the world.

Ligurian olive oils are a touch lighter and more delicate than their Tuscan neighbors, making them the perfect oil for the region's pungent basil harvest (it's no wonder the Ligurians invented pesto!).

In 1900, Giuseppe Boeri rented a communal olive oil mill (frantoio) in the hills of Badalucco, in the region of Liguria. Over 100 years later, led by Franco (Giuseppe's great grandson) the Boeri family still uses a traditional stone press to produce their superb sustainable, certified organic (since 2002) oil using choice local taggiasca olives.

Roi's extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the first cold pressing of the taggiasca olives on granite millstones.


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