Welcome to La Scuola di Eataly NYC

Dean: Lidia Bastianich
At Eataly, good eating is about engagement and education. We want you to know our food, our chefs and the producers who inspire us. Beloved Chef Lidia Bastianich has handcrafted a variety of cooking school classes that each offers a unique culinary experience. La Scuola di Eataly is Italy for food lovers from the people who are most passionate about food and wine. In addition to classes, join us at Pranzo, our new regional pop-up lunch restaurant in La Scuola Grande. 

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Questions about La Scuola di Eataly NYC? Please call ust at 212.539.0204 Ext. 304 or e-mail us at lascuola@eataly.com.

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Join Eataly’s chefs and visiting guest chefs as they prepare their signature dishes, fresh pasta recipes, classic risotto preparations, and much more, before your eyes. Our chefs will demonstrate step-by-step techniques as guests enjoy everything that is prepared, paired with complementary wines.

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Every month at Eataly we will host a communal regional dinner to showcase one of the twenty regions of Italy and explore what makes each region so exceptional. Our chef will prepare dinner in our open kitchen for everyone to see, presenting and discussing each course as guests chat and make new friends at their own Italian table. Each course will be paired with regional wines.

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Kick off your evening with Eataly’s Aperitivo. You’ll mingle with some of the best winemakers, brewmasters and sommeliers around. Classes will be complete with tasting notes, suggested recipes and pairings. And if you like everything you had in class, you can visit Eataly’s wine shop and retail departments to host your own aperitivo at home.


The word artisanal is often overused, but at Eataly we are not joking around. Let our producers and talented department heads walk you through the steps and stories behind our products.

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Our Food and Language courses are a cultural crash course in which you will learn some basic Italian as well as how to prepare a few dishes from a specific region of the boot. As always, dishes will be paired with vino from the region as well.


Step outside the classroom. Not quite sure where to start, how to navigate this massive market or just want to learn more? Let one of our senior staff members lead you through a guided tour. He or she will be sure to cover every corner with a behind the scenes peek at each department. You will also be treated to delicious tastes along the way.

Private Dining Eataly NYC


La Scuola Piccola & La Scuola Grande are also available for private classes and private dining events. Our chefs will customize a seasonal menu for your event based on a theme of your choice. Please contact us at Privatedining@eataly.com / 212.539.0204 ext. 304
for more info.

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