Fresh Pasta NYC

Every day at Eataly, our fresh pastamakers take ingredients as simple as flour, water and eggs and transform them into intricate pasta shapes. Every piece of pasta is inspired by the rich traditions of every Italian region, and a special selection is painstakingly rolled, cut and shaped entirely by hand. Not only do our pastamakers have the best skills, they also use the best ingredients. Our eggs come from NYEggs in Moravia, NY and our fresh pasta fillings are made in house with all Eataly ingredients.

Local New York Eggs

It all starts with the quality of the dough and our Fresh Pasta Department is committed to using the freshest local eggs possibles. All our eggs come from pastured hens fed an organic vegetarian diet in Moravia, NY. The result is more flavorful eggs that impart a gorgeous golden hue into shapes like our tajarin, lasagne, pappardelle and more. 

Made by hand Every Day

The art of making fresh pasta by hand is rich and every Italian region has its own techniques and shapes. Every day at Eataly’s Fresh Pasta counter, you can watch our expert pastamakers knead, roll, cut and shape pasta by hand. Every one of our handmade shapes is inspired by the traditions of a different Italian region:  garganelli hail from Emilia Romagna, orecchiette from Puglia and gnocchi sardi from Sardegna. 

A Selection of Shapes

Our housemade selection of shapes is varied and even changes with the seasons. Some of our signatures include golden Tajarin and Agnolotti del Plin inspired by Piemonte, Ravioli Quadratti, Tagliatelle, Lasagne and Pansotti inspired by Emilia Romagna, Tuscan-inspired Pappardelle, Spaghetti alla Chitarra from Lazio, Sicilian-inspired Tagliatelle di Seppia, Taglioni and more!

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