An incredible selection of authentic Italian products that will take you on a culinary journey through Italy from the north to the south.

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Box Size: Extra Large (58 x 35 x 18 centimeters, 23 x 14 x 7 inches)

All of Eataly for the food lover who wants to cook with the finest ingredients that preserve the Italian culinary tradition.


Tajarin Egg Pasta

Antignano isn’t only a pastamaker, it’s an ancient village in Piemonte nestled amongst the Alfieri hills. Tajarin were first served in Piemonte as early as the 1500s and each golden strand is a celebration of the art of egg pasta.

Le Delizie dei Desideri

Prato Cantucci Cookies

Cantucci are what we call biscotti in America. The Desideri family uses a generous portion of almonds from Puglia to give each crunchy cookie a slight tartness. They recommend dipping them directly in vin santo like a true Tuscan!

La Cicogna

Fig Mostarda

La Cicogna preserves its fruit at peak freshness. Their fig spread is great paired with cheeses like gorgonzola piccante, and we use it every day at our Eataly restaurants.

San Giuliano

Toasted Fregola

Fregola is a traditional Sardinian pasta that resembles couscous in size and shape. Each semolina ball is toasted for a nutty flavor that is delicious as an antipasto tossed with vegetables and Eataly extra virgin olive oil.

Alta Valle

Croxetti Pasta

Located in Scrivia Valley in Liguria, the Minaglia brothers have operated their artisanal pastificio for over 20 years. This traditional Ligurian shape looks like a coin and even depicts a coat of arms on one side and a stalk of wheat on the other.


Emilia Romagna Tomatoes 99.5%

From the 70-year-old Trattoria da Amerigo in Bologna, comes La Dispensa di Amerigo. These tomatoes are bottled at their peak of flavor and only a dash of artisanal Cervia Sea Salt is added.

La Valletta

Peal Farro

La Valletta is a family-run company in Umbria that works sustainably to produce exceptional grains and legumes. Farro is an ancient grain that’s hearty, nutty and light all at once.

De Carlo

Bella Cerignola Olives

The De Carlo family has been producing top-tier olive oil in Puglia since 1600. The Bella di Cerignola variety of green olives is indigenous to the region. They are big and meaty, perfect as an antipasto.


Eggplant Caponata

The Olis Geraci olive oil mill is located right outside of Trapani on the island of Sicily. Caponata is a traditional Sicilian relish and Geraci only uses the highest quality ingredients like fresh vegetables and their very own extra virgin olive oil. This eggplant caponata is delicious as an antipasto.

La Mola

Sabina DOP ”La Mola”

Anna Maria Billi produces a fantastic Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP in the Sabina hills outside of Rome. Her olive oil, which has been given “three olives” by the Slow Food Guide to Extra Virgin Olive Oil, possesses a subtle fruit flavor that makes it a great accompaniment to meat.

Mieli Thun

Linden Honey

Hailing from the Val di Non in Trentino, Mieli Thun is considered by gourmands and honey connoisseurs alike to be one of the best producers in Italy. Made with the linden blossom at the end of June, this honey has the intense flavor with walnut tones.

Moreno Cedroni

Strawberry and Thyme Jam

Moreno Cedroni is a celebrated chef who earned his restaurant in Le Marche, Madonnina del Pescatore, an impressive two Michelin stars. His line of high quality products is perfect for any food lover, and Cedroni recommends pairing this strawberry and thyme jam with creamy robiola.

Olearia San Giorgio

Aspromontano Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The art of olive oil making has ancient origins and to this day some antique mills still exist. One of those mills is Olearia San Giorgio in Calabria where they’ve been cultivating olives since 1940.

Mieli Thun

Acacia Honey

Hailing from the Val di Non in Trentino, Mieli Thun is considered by gourmands and honey connoisseurs alike to be one of the best producers in Italy. Acacia is a delicate and much sought after honey with a crystalline consistency and the flavor of almond and sugar.


Paccheri Pasta

The best dry pasta production happens in Gragnano, Campania in Cavalier Olimpio Afeltra’s Pastifico that dates back to 1848. It is the birthplace of dry pasta and paccheri are large tubes that get their name from the Italian word “pacca” or “slap.”


Mushroom Risotto

From cultivation to packaging, Cascina Belvedere in Vercelli, Piemonte is involved in all aspects of rice production and respects the environment with each grain. This mushroom risotto is ready to go: Pour into a saucepan with a little olive oil and let rice brown on low heat. Add 1/2 cup water or white wine and let evaporate. Add stock or water in increments, stirring constantly. Finish with butter!

Sorelle Nurzia Almond Nougat

Founded in 1835 in the province of Arischia, Abruzzo, Sorelle Nurizia is family owned and still follows their original family recipes. Torrone is Italian for “nougat” and this version is made with almonds, prime pistachios from Bronte, Sicily and honey.


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