pasta tasting menu



swiss chard and mascarpone pasta with sorrel and lemon


calf’s brain pasta with butter and sage

spaghettoni di gragnano

string pasta with house-cured striped bass roe, habanero oil and scallion


half-moon, amatriciana sauce filled pasta with crispy guanciale and aged pecorino


shell-shaped pasta with lamb ragù

panna cotta allo yoghurt e agrumi

yogurt panna cotta with pistachios and citrus

65 per person



uova e tartufi

soft scrambled chicken eggs with matsutake mushrooms and white alba truffles 25


poached veal tongue with spicy giardiniera and caramelized onions 15

polpo alla piastra

charred octopus with marinated borlotti beans and spicy limoncello vinaigrette 18

insalata di frutta

stone fruit with ricotta crema, salted pistachios and aceto balsamico 14


hand-pulled mozzarella with local greens, spiced almonds and apple 15


red prawns with salsa verde and orange 19

fiore di zucca

robiola-stuffed zucchini flowers with cucumber and tomato 15

prosciutto cotto

house cured ham with fried duck egg and heirloom squash 15

foie gras

hudson valley foie gras with plum and hazelnut 19

salumi misti

prosciutto di san daniele riserva, west loop fiocco and armandino salumi with gnocco fritto 26





hand-rolled spaghetti with 4-hour braised pork  20

tortelloni al formaggio di capra

goat cheese tortelloni with dried orange and wild fennel pollen 19

spaghettoni di gragnano

string pasta with house-cured striped bass roe, habañero oil and scallion 20


prosciutto filled pasta with heirloom carrots 22

pappardelle al ragù

handmade pappardelle with traditional meat ragù from bologna 20


milk-braised, pork-filled pasta with delicata squash, sage and brown butter 19

ravioli di guancia

beef cheek ravioli with black truffles and castelmagno cheese 22

orecchiette con salsiccia d'agnello

handmade pasta with lamb sausage and broccoli rabe 23

bucatini all’amatriciana

string pasta with local guanciale, red onion, tomato, chili flake and pecorino 19


bowtie-shaped pasta with zucchini, tomato and buffalo mozzarella 19

fettucine nere

squid ink fettuccine with lobster and spicy calabrese salami 28

garganelli ai funghi trifolati

quill-shaped pasta with wild mushrooms and parmigiano reggiano 24





spicy two minute calamari sicilian life guard style 27

guancia ripiena

stuffed pork jowl with charred rapini and roasted tomato 28


whole roasted sea bass with lemon and broccoli 32


roast guinea hen with potatoes and raw vegetable salad


roasted turbot with fregula pasta, pickled chilis and arugula pesto 36

costolette d'agnello

grilled lamb chops with artichokes and mint 38


bensmiller pork chop with delicata squash and green apple 31


seared scallops with sunchoke purée, chanterelle mushrooms and fresh uni 35


strauss farms veal loin and sweetbreads with squash caponata 46

tagliata di manzo

creekstone prime new york strip with spring garlic and pancetta 42

costata di manzo

dry-aged, porcini-rubbed ribeye with roasted rosemary potatoes and aceto balsamico 110/for two





roasted potatoes with rosemary and garlic 9

cavolo nero

tuscan kale with pancetta and shallots 9


heirloom eggplant with saba and gremolata 9


roasted beets, gorgonzola dolce and salted pistachios 9


white truffle supplement - $55 - five grams


summer tasting menu



hamachi tuna with smoked eggplant and citrus

casarecce di gragnano

twisted pasta with pistachio pesto and pecorino romano

misto di mare

red prawn, diver scallop and snapper in a spicy tomato broth


roasted loin of lamb with heirloom carrot and pickled mulberries


ragusano with figs and fennel pollen


soft citrus meringue with fresh blackberry, crema di latte and lemon sorbetto

95 per person